An intimate portrait of a ridiculous friendship. A podcast with Jean Lizza and Angus Leslie.


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We are proud to present to you, the DIY edition of QTPOD!

With our producer Jesse away, Angus and Jean are on their own, recording in Jean’s kitchen. It’s all expired almond milk and yoga mats guys!

We’ve got another edition of Sux to be a Girl in the can plus we chat about the recent ruling against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke. It’s bad for music y’all!

We were thrilled to have writer and performer Mitch McTaggart drop in to the QTPOD kitchen for a cosy chat about bad Australian TV, mealworms and St Kilda drunks. Check out this pic of Mitch, in character on set of independent feature film, Cat Sick Blues.


Episode 24.

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Episode 23

It’s all new, truly disgusting episode of QTPOD!

Why is Angus wearing his Dad’s underpants? Can you die from a toxic fart? Jean introduces Angus to the despicable Ashley Madison ad and what’s the deal with Colebrook St?

We were delighted to have musicians Louie King and Johnny Bassoon aka “The New Looseman Brothers” from Sex on Toast and The Lagerphones drop in to talk about touring with Bullfight, their fave music and shopping at Psarakos.


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Episode 22.

It’s 2015 and the first QTPOD for the year is a doozy!

Angus is going to be one embarrassing father and Jean has no text message etiquette. Angus talks seriously about infamous local rapper, RAED, while Jean is just seriously broke.

We were pumped to have local heroes Hudson and Henry from The Cactus Channel and Karate Boogaloo in for a chat about polka, cauldrons, their dream gigs and online dating sites. It was all pretty silly. 

Oh! And Snoop Dogg became a grandfather!

 The Cactus Channel

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Episode 21.

Another year, another Festive Pause! It’s the final episode of 2014!

Jean got caught listening to ABBA on the train and; she kinda wishes she could time-travel. Angus gets mistaken as a little boy in taxis; and we talk shop about the joyous new D’Angelo album. Plus nu-metal shame, end of year shout outs and more talk about Bahn Mi’s.  

We were thrilled to have comedian Nick Capper in for a chat about his life as a new Melbourne dirt bag, audition call backs plus Nick gives us the lowdown on some of the craziest gigs ever at cult comedy night, Phuklub.

Nick Capper

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It’s a bumper “Festive Pause Edition” of QTPOD. Come spend some Quality Time!


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Angus is all about the karaoke, in the latest ep of QTPOD. Jean feels like she’s been in a parallel universe plus “Sux to be a Girl”, Perth edition!

Parlour magician and social commentator, DR EL SUAVO drops into the QTPAD to talk about old world entertainment and magic, politics and touring bowling clubs.

Dr El Suavo

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Come spend some Quality Time!

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Episode 19.

Angus has just joined the “27 Club” and Jean directs some old ladies to The Tote in the latest episode of QTPOD. Plus Angus has been blanking Jesse’s housemate for months.

We were thrilled to have Zak and Broden from sketch group AUNTY DONNA drop in to talk a whole heap of lies and nonsense. Jean may have pissed her pants from laughing…seriously.


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Aunty Donna’s recent efforts for ABC Iview’s Fresh Blood are amazing. Check it out here!

Come spend some Quality Time!


Angus is hangover and Jean is “Reaganing” on the latest episode of #QTPOD. Angus has been reflecting on old advice that Jean gave him about girls. Jean is pretty sure she’d make a pretty great homemaker. Jesse and Angus debate the merits of Prince’s latest album, and Angus comes up with a great idea for a Limp Bizkit exhibition.

Our special guest is the exceptionally talented and beautiful Hayley Foster aka TANZER. She drops into the “cutey pad” to talk fashion, drag queens and her history in the music world.

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Tanzer's new single, That’s Why Darling, is a lush, beautifully orchestrated tune. Check it out!


Come spend some Quality Time.

Episode 17.

Jean and Angus have just been to concert- hecklers, desperate metal heads and punk chics at a solo acoustic guitar show? Yep! Plus another edition of “Sux to be a Girl”

Our special guest is our dear friend, the wonderfully talented, slightly crazy and genuine sweetheart, CLINTON "BÅR" MCKINNON from Mr Bungle and Umlaut.

Bar McKinnon

We talk to him about creating music, time signatures and he addresses those pesky “reunion” rumours.

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Come spend some Quality Time!

Episode 16.

Jean and Angus muse about good Jail TV and how they’d fare in the big-house, plus we chat about ultimate creepy old man, Rolf Harris.

Our special guest is actor and author of The Disaster Artist, GREG SESTERO. You may know him as Mark from “the Citizen Kane of bad movies” The Room. We talk to him about bad movies, the naiveté of youth and the enigma of Tommy Wiseau. 

Greg Sestero

Did you know that Jean was responsible for bringing The Room to Australia?

Did you know that Angus is one of the early Australian fans of The Room?

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A bumper edition of Quality Time!

Episode 15.

Baldness, fast food instant indigestion, Jean talks to herself in the shower plus Angus does a Hugh Grant impression not to be missed.

The luminous playwright and dramaturge BRIDGET MACKEY visits the QTPAD, and we talk about writing for theatre, Samuel Beckett and lame-ass musicals.

Bridget Mackey

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Did you know that Jean quit her job at Hungry Jacks during the Perth Christmas Pageant in 1995?